How to Flirt Online

1 year ago

How to Flirt Online

Ever since the start of the internet, people meet strangers online and form incredible relationships. Of course, this doesn’t just happen suddenly. They have likely met through a dating website, or through a chat app. However, even then, you can’t expect someone to fall for you instantly. Relationships often start with flirting from both sides. If you are new to the dating scene, or if you want to refresh your memories, here are some fantastic tips to help you flirt online!

Be genuine

Forget about your cheesy pick-up lines! Chances are that your love interest has already heard them many times before. Be refreshing instead and approach them with a heartfelt but compelling message. If their profile states that they enjoy playing on the PS4, and you happen to experience that too, you can ask about their favorite games or genre. If their profile picture swept you off your feet, tell them you really admire their beauty. Make sure to tell them what caught your eye the most (as long as it’s not referring to their genital areas). People love honesty and curiosity. There is nothing wrong with a pick-up line when you’re more familiar with each other, but it’s better to start off with something else.

Don’t keep them waiting

Though many people prefer to wait a certain period before replying, there is no need for that. If you like someone, nothing good will come from waiting. Sure, you may not want to seem desperate, but many people prefer swift replies over waiting for half an hour before receiving a response. If they are interested in you, they will usually reply quickly too. If they don’t, don’t worry as they may be busy at that time. Replying late due to circumstances is different than responding late due to not wanting to seem desperate.

Let them know you thought of them

Do you ever come across a cute picture or funny meme online and think, “Hey, X would totally like this!”? Well, show them! When you’re into someone, nothing gives you a better feeling than knowing that you were on their mind. It’s a small gesture, but it means so much more.

Be clear

Playing hard to get may seem fun, but it gets old, really quick. If you like someone, let them know and don’t play with their feelings. This means that if you are interested, you should show them. If you are only looking for something casual rather than serious, let them know. Also, if you are not interested, you should tell them. It can be hard enough for some to find a partner. Having the feeling you’ve been played is even worse.

Initiate a meet-up

The only way to get to know each other better is by being face to face. Organize a romantic date by taking them to a cozy coffee shop or go for something more unusual and take them to a bookstore and buy them a book they want. You’ll spend more time talking whilst being able to analyze their body language as well. Do make sure you meet up in a public place as it’s safer for both parties.

Exchange photos

By this, we don’t mean nudes but actual pictures of yourself and your daily life. Snapchat is an ideal app for this as it only shows the image for 10 seconds before vanishing. It also gives you a notification if someone has taken a screenshot. You can also send more revealing photos through the app if you’re at that point in your relationship.

Kik is also a great app to send pictures to each other. While the image stays up, it will be automatically deleted after 100 messages.

Crack a joke

Laughing makes you feel good, and it makes you like others more. So, try to crack a joke every now and then. Write silly puns, or ironically send some horrible pick-up lines. If you can come up with a joke with their name as a punchline, do so! Do make sure that it won’t be at their expense, most people don’t enjoy being the butt of the joke.

Use emoji’s

No matter how happy you are, if you type “haha.”, you will not seem very interested. That’s why using smileys is a fantastic solution! Kik offers a vast range of smileys and stickers to convey your emotions or to aggrandize your message. Snapchat also offers stickers, but you can also draw your own smiley faces on a picture instead!


Flirting is different for everyone. Some like to make smooth remarks, while others prefer to send memes to show their love. Find out what works for you and the person you’re trying to get with and flirt away!