12 Tips of Snapchat Sexting

3 years ago

12 Tips of Snapchat Sexting

In this day and age, Snapchat is not only the hottest photo sharing application it is also the hottest sexting application. Snapchat is not just used for sending photos to your friends when you are bored; it has recently gained popularity in the erotic department. Recently, Snapchat is preferred for sexting by many adults also known as horny people. These adults believe that using fun filters and features in your ‘sext’ life is quite enjoyable. 

Become a pro at sexting and spice up your sex life with our 12 tips of Snapchat Sexting!

  1. Sext Safely

The top most important tip on our list is to have a safe sexting experience. On Snapchat you cannot stop people from taking screenshots of your sexy snaps, which is why you must limit the timer to one second view time. Doing this will make it difficult for other to capture a screenshot of your sext. Once you and your special someone establish trust, you can treat them with a Snap above one second.


  1. Good Quality Snaps

You must avoid using flash since it will make you look like a Ghost. In order to avoid looking pale, you must choose a soft glowing lighting, above your head. You must know what your good angles are before sending a sexy snap. You need to move the camera, around, and capture a lot of practice snaps before sending it to your special sexting partner.


  1. Sexy Snap Videos

Take sexting to another level and be bold, instead of a sensual selfie, send your sext partner a sexy video of yourself, e.g.  saying what you want like, "I am looking forward tonight."  


  1. Be a patient Snapchat Sexter

If you have just begun sexting with someone, it is extremely important to be patient. Do not attack your sext partner with nude photos of you right way. Do everything one step at a time in a classy manner. Begin with sending flirtatious snaps to measure their interest and creating sexting agreement. Start a private chat and tease them with a few naughty messages before adding visuals.


  1. Sexy Snaps

Discover your best sensual selfie pose and send it to your sext partner to tempt them. You can send snaps to your partner in clothes that make your body look sexy or with no clothes at all. Tease them. You can make these snaps more fun with the use of emojis and filters.



  1. Be Cautious 

The most disastrous mistake many people have made is uploading their sext in their Snapchat story. Moreover, Snapchat stories can be viewed by your family and friends so that they can see your sext. Man people accidentally send their sexts to the wrong people as well. Do not get over excited while sexting and do not embarrass yourself. 


  1. Leave some things for the imagination

While sexting, do not act like a porn star because you are not one. Do not send completely nude snaps to your crush or sexting partner. Show some things and hide the rest. Show some class. Send nudes without revealing everything. Do not act like sex-crazed human being. 


  1. Live chat Sexting

Snapchat has launched a new feature in which once the yellow 'send' button goes blue, it indicates that your partner is also online on Snapchat, and if both the people press down the blue button at the identical time, a live Snapchat chat will succeed, similar Facetime. You do not need to keep holding it down, you can drag your icon to the bottom most centre of your screen to the lock symbol, and the live chat will carry on.


  1. Revenge is sweet

If someone takes a screenshot of your sext snap, you will be instantly notified about it. Your first instinct will be to confront that person, but you must not say anything. Patiently wait for their nude snap, and then take a screenshot of it in return. Your revenge is complete; now delete them from your Snapchat!

  1. 10.Slow-mo.

Up your video sexting game with the slow motion feature on Snapchat. You can make a sexy video of yourself and then add the slow motion feature on it to make it even sexier. 


  1. Confidence is sexy

Confidence is the main thing that makes sexting pleasurable. If you are nervous and shy, it will immediately show which eventually will ruin your sexting experience. So be cool and confident and send your hot snap with pride. Show them that you are proud of your body. 


  1. Keep your naughty promises.

You should be careful with whatever and how you say it. If you send a naughty snap to make sure you can defend it.If you promise your partner that you will be doing something for them, and then later you refuse, it will not remain sexy anymore. They won’t believe any of your snaps again.