10 Things You Need to Know About Snapchat

3 years ago

10 Things You Need to Know About Snapchat

What’s all this snapchat hype about? From young teenagers to working moms, everyone seems to be going nuts about this app. With 150 million active users global wide, snapchat is the fastest growing user base of all the social networks. Unlike other social media platforms, you can send instant shots of your current activity and choose for the number of seconds your friends can view it until they disappear. Yes, that means you can send your embarrassing snaps, funny faces without worrying that they will stay up online. The best thing is that you get notified if anyone tends to screenshot it. Highly personal yet engaging! Here are some hacks and fun facts about snapchat that you wish you knew before.


  1. Why are people vomiting rainbows?

Lenses area unique snapchat feature that allows you to make your selfie cheeky by adding seven different wild effects. Simply tap and hold your selfie before taking a snap and distort your face with funny dog filters, heart eyes, rainbow tongue, crazy face swaps or turn into a cute bunny or a fierce Dracula, the list goes on! You can send your friends instant shots or videos with quacky voices that change accordingly with the filters. Get creative by speeding them up, slowing them down or rewinding them. Remember filters change every day so make sure you snap your favorite filter to your friends' everyday! 


  1. Send snapchat videos up to 60 seconds

Previously users could only snap videos up to 10 seconds until they disappear. But now you can hold the record button and send snapsup to 60 seconds. Each snapchat will split into a 10-second segment that you can edit individually with filters and emojis. You can choose for it to play once or endlessly when your friend receives it; replay it and get notified when someone replays it as well. 


  1. Add multiple filters

You love two filters at the same time that you can’t decide which one to choose? Don’t worry you can add more than one filter in a snap. Simply tap and hold the screen on a filter, and swipe right or left to add another one on top of it. Make sure you enable filters in Settings>Additional information>Manage>Enable filter so that you can access unique filters for location, colors, weather and other fun features! 


  1. Send voicemails and video calls

Yes, you can hear your friends and chat with them live on snapchat! Simply open your friends chat and record up to a 10-second voice message by clicking on the voice icon. To start a live voice or video call, just tap the video button to start chatting endlessly for an unlimited number of hours all for free. You can tap on the screen to use lenses and make your friends roll off laughing with your funny face!


  1. Snapchat stories

Share beautiful moments and highlights of your day with your loved ones by putting up a snapchat story. It will stay up on everyone's feed for 24 hours, and you can delete it anytime you like. By clicking on the eye icon under your snap story, you can see how many people have viewed your story.

You can also add a link to your story and let your friends know about your latest travel/fashion blog. Simply take a video or a video clip, tap the paperclip on the sidebar and enter your URL. Your friends will be able to view and delighted to hear about your update!

  1. Send money to your buddies by snapcash

Do you tend to run out of money sometimes while travelling or shopping? Don't worry about the snapcash feature you can easily receive/transfer money to or from your friend’s account anywhere in the world.  Just go to the settings, click snapcash and enter your debit card information. Next, enter the dollar amount you wish to send and hit the green button. Congrats you have successfully transferred money to your pals! Your friend will get an instant notification upon receiving money. Just remember you have to be 18 years and above to be eligible to use it and accept the terms and conditions before proceeding. 

  1. Editing tools

You think you can only write text in white? Off course not! Just click the T button on the top left of your snapto open up a color palette from which you can choose the favorite color of your text. You can also resize your text by zooming it in and out with your two fingers together. 

For more creativity, add cheeky drawings by clicking on the pencil tool below the T button and draw freely whatever you wish. Below it is the emoji hub, from which you can access endless emojis including cute bitmojis to express yourself in a more fun and adorable way. To add more sparkling and colorful effects, tap on the brush icon under paperclip icon, and choose your favorite filter to make your snap a complete masterpiece of art! Thinking of changing your dress color? Simply tap the scissor icon and then tap the brush icon. Choose which color you prefer and then circle that area with a brush. Boom! The brush will tint wherever you circled.

  1. Find your friends on Snap Map

With a snap map, you can check up where and what are your long distant friends up to and get to know all the juicy details of their happenings. Just slide your two fingers together on the screen as if you are zooming out and the world map will pop up showing you all the details of their location along with their snap stories. Off course if you don't want anyone to see your location, you can choose to pick only me, my friends and select friends.

  1. Turn on travel mode to save data

Worried that snapchat will eat up all your battery?

          Worry not. Go to Settings>Additional    Services>Manage and turn on travel mode. Travel mode helps save up your battery while reducing video lagging. 


  1. 10)Save your snaps stories for safe keeping memories

You can save your story by clicking on the download icon next to your story on the stories page. Similarly whenever you take a snap click on the tick icon on the bottom of your screen to save it in memories album. Swipe up on the camera screen to find a bunch of collection of your amazing memories!